Our Story

This all started as a hobby with a 40-gallon tank in a small one-bedroom apartment.  The more we became familiar with the hobby, the more we realized that our 40-gallon tank wasn't large enough to hold all the corals we wanted.  There are just too many beautiful corals out there that we had to upgrade from 40-gallon to 120-gallon to 185-gallon custom tank.  The 185-gallon is now used as our display tank.

We decided to go full force with Colorful Reef because we learned that not everybody have access to beautiful corals at an affordable price.  We want all reefers to be able to buy beautiful pieces that meets their budget.  Therefore, we strive to find the best pieces in order to re-sell at the most affordable prices to everyone.  Let's be honest, we want every one to become a reefer because a salt water tank is beautiful!